Connection Construction

Connecting your dreams to your home.

An innovative brand identity that reflects Connection General Construction's vision.




United States


Connection Construction



Project Team

Daniel Rohde – Designer
Simone Rohde – Copywriter

What We Did

Art Direction
Visual Identity
Social Media


The co-founders of Connection General Construction, one with expertise in roofing and the other in glass doors and windows, have combined their respective construction backgrounds and companies to create this new company. From the foundation to handing over the key to the homeowners, the company also plans to work with home flipping in the future.
The challenge here was to show these professionals’ expertise, communicate the new brand to the market, and help their customers recognize the company’s new strategy.


When comparing construction companies, we have a pattern of red and black with repetitive roof symbols. We pictured a young, innovative concept, full of joy and creativity. A completely out-of-the-box project with a theme that goes beyond the obvious and will not go unnoticed in the construction industry segment.


The symbol is based on the initials of the company’s name, C + G (Connection General Construction), and was designed in grids, so it’s responsive. The visual identity’s vivid colors, inspired by the reflective apparel used in construction fields, make it legible even when applied in small spaces, like an app symbol. The colors and supporting elements of this identity were also motivated by items discovered in the construction field, for example, bricks and tiles.

Connection General Construction is a brand that stands out for its simplicity and versatility.

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