Gote Construction

Transforming spaces, enhancing lives.

A distinctive brand identity that reflects Gote's vision.




United States


Gote Construction


Remodeling and Construction

Project Team

Daniel Rohde – Designer
Simone Rohde – Copywriter

What We Did

Art Direction Brand
Visual Identity
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Gote is a company serving customers in the Worcester County (MA) region, the former capital of New England, offering renovation and construction services. The company, seeking to build a successful brand in the community and foster authentic connections, approached us to create its visual identity. 

The challenge was to create a visual identity that stands out from the competition, study appropriate typography according to the concept envisioned by our team, and conduct research on supporting elements, graphic materials, and conceptual pieces of visual identity.

Gote Construction


Gote inspired us through its slogan to bring life and color to the brand. By mixing a vivid color that somehow gets away from the traditional construction industry palette, the brand can be easily remembered by its customers and prospects.
Gote Construction


We thought of a different and bold concept that is both modern and timeless. A design inspired by the colors used in the construction industry (green), but with a splash of daring violet color.

The “G” reproduces the traces of a protractor, a special ruler used to measure angles along a circumference; it is synonymous with renovation and construction services.

The “T” reproduces the silhouette of two buildings, also symbolizing the niche of renovation and construction in a distinctive and daring manner. Boldness that extends into the mixed typography of upper and lower case letters: GoTe.

Gote Construction
Gote Construction
Gote Construction
Gote Construction
Gote Construction