Flowers for any occasion. Here, beauty comes naturally.

A memorable brand identity that reflects Kallamuz's vision.




United States





Project Team

Daniel Rohde – Designer
Simone Rohde – Copywriter

What We Did

Art Direction
Visual Identity
Social Media


Kallamuz is a gifting company focused on solutions for private and commercial events. The naming “Kallamuz”, derived from “calamus” and from the Greek “kalamos”, is a reed used for decorative and therapeutic purposes that releases scent when broken, and it is very simple to grow.

Focused on a wide range of gift boxes, flower arrangements for any event or occasion, and party decoration, the company works with four of the five human senses: touch, sight, smell, and hearing. The company produces its own spa goods, including candles, soaps, essences, and salts, in addition to selling flowers and providing training for decorators.

The challenge here was to create a symbol that translates the concept of the company’s name and vision; study the appropriate typography according to the concept our team has come up with, and carry out studies for support elements and graphic material along with the components of the visual identity.


The responsive logo, which features a blooming calamus, was created using a grid. Therefore, the isotype can be utilized in several ways, either alongside the logotype or by itself. Even though brown and yellow are the primary colors, due to the pastel color scheme, the brand can be used in any color depending on the season, event, or target market.

The typography in capital letters brings legibility at the same time it suggests the qualitative, chic, and high aspect range of the brand.


The project aimed to convey the company’s differentiation through the design of its visual identity. Personalization is the brand’s middle name, so pastel colors were used to create a visual identity that would adapt to customers’ needs. It also embraces new opportunities as the company grows and implements new ideas, products, and services.

Kallamuz identity reinforces the image of a classic and timeless brand that can be serious without losing its joviality, and direct without losing its depth.