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A rebranding that reflects Pro Commercial Solutions' new mission.




United States


Pro Commercial Solutions



Project Team

Daniel Rohde – Designer
Simone Rohde – Copywriter

What We Did

Art Direction
Visual Identity
Social Media


Pro Commercial Cleaning became Pro Commercial Solutions. The new name reflects the wider range of services now provided, and as the company expanded, it sought to modernize its brand to better communicate its evolution and growth to clients and potential clients. The rebranding, with the experience and tradition of nearly 10 years in the market, gives the company good visibility and distinction against the competition.

In order to provide 360º maintenance services to its customers, the company aimed to reposition and modernized its brand. This means that in addition to cleaning services, the company now provides additional maintenance services, including repairs and construction, landscaping and snow removal, among others.

The customer was emphatic in asking that the colors blue and yellow from the old logo design should be kept, as well as the initial idea of the sun and a building’s symbol. Once that was established, the challenge was to create a strong, modern, dynamic brand that stands out in the typical cleaning and maintenance market.


We worked to create a symbol with a contemporary blue and yellow tonality, keeping in mind the requirement to maintain both the concept and the colors of the previous brand. By employing a grid to create the logo’s lines, we were able to create a dynamic, flexible, and versatile symbol. The typography is intended to make the name more readable and appealing by matching the new symbol’s bold and robust attributes.


The new symbol was inspired by a building with imponent glass windows. With a minimalist design maintaining the original colors but in a modern tonality palette, the logo allows diverse applications multiplying the elements that can be used in the visual identity.