Life is an event. Make it memorable.

A distinctive brand identity that reflects Versatto Events' vision.




United States





Project Team

Daniel Rohde – Designer
Simone Rohde – Copywriter

What We Did

Art Direction
Visual Identity
Social Media


This is the kind of challenge we love: creating something from nothing that is born with a great spirit. This event planning business, Versatto, carries its mission statement in its name: versatile, always!

Versatto is a company that specializes in both private and corporate events. From wedding planning to business conferences, the company creates premium-level events, sensitive to each client’s wishes and goals, taking their expectations seriously ensuring that they have a wonderful and stress-free day.

Versatto comes from the Italian language, meaning versatile, and refers to the concept of custom and versatile events. As requested by the client, our mission here was to ‘escape’ the bride/ring cliché pattern, black on gold color, which is frequently used in this kind of business visual identity.


Versatto Events must stand for superior, distinctive, and memorable service. By putting the public in this particular frame of mind, the brand will gain a reputation thanks to the recollection of the experience. 

  • Create an elegant and creative, modern and timeless visual identity that translates Versatto Events’ vision.
  • Design a logo, which serves as the foundation, that inspires awe and has as core values uniqueness, excellence, and impact.
  • Help the company’s premium image by making its visual identity distinctive, powerful, and stunning. A project that can be adapted to the future of the segments in which the company hopes to work in the medium and long term while avoiding the cliché colorimetry of these niche companies.


Our big idea: the V. The work focuses on millimetrically designed typography, with a simple symbol that is full of visual possibilities and a beautiful color palette that reverberates across all digital and physical materials.

The company can use their full name or the name’s initial letter as their brand symbol. The worked-out V, which is shaped like a half-heart, represents the love for events, the fuel of this company. The last letter also contains a glow symbol and was employed as a supporting component in the project’s visual identity.

The stationery, uniforms, car fleet, and other elements were designed to establish a distinct personality that cannot be overlooked.